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Science and Social Studies
6th grade Science and Social Studies

HW and Silent Reading Novels

5 months ago

By Mrs. Turnbaugh

6th Grade Langauge Arts Class is taught by Mrs. Turnbaugh

Language Arts  =     reading (aloud & independently) , writing , grammar , listening , speaking


HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENTS:  Students have time in class to read silently, however they are allowed to borrow the novel overnight, if needed.

* 1st Marking Period - 

     Assignment:    Four silent reading novels + the chart / log that accompanies each book

     1st novel - due Friday, Sept. 15th

     2nd novel - due Thursday, Sept.28th

     3rd novel - due Friday, Oct. 13th

     4th novel - due Friday, Oct. 27th

Extra Credit - 1st Marking Period

1. Take a creative picture matching the theme "Yes, I Read Outside of School!"

(Pictures may be funny or serious.)

2. Make a "gismo."

3. Participate in the County Drug & Alcohol Essay Contest - Due Oct. 11th